Millinocket Town Office
197 Penobscot Ave,
Millinocket, Maine 04462
Phone: (207) 723-7000
Fax: (207) 723-7002

Town Council

The Millinocket Town Council meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise reported (due to holidays). All meetings are held in the Town Council Chambers in the Municipal Building located at 197 Penobscot Avenue. All meetings are open to the public.

Town Council members are elected by the residents of the Town of Millinocket.

MemberEmailPhoneTerm Expiration
Chairman, Michael A. 723-8937November 2017
Louie Pelletiercluelou70@yahoo.comC (207) 217-4206
H (207) 723-5460
November 2017
Gilda StrattonNovember 2017
Charles 731-4017November 2019
Joseph E. 447-1158November 2018
Cody 731-8023November 2019


2017 Agenda Notices

Tentative Agenda Town Council Meeting 05252017​

 Date Time Type of Meeting Location Materials for Meeting
January 12, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTown_Council_Agenda_January_12_2017
January 26, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTown_Council_Agenda_January_26_2017
February 9, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTown_Council_Agenda_Feb._9_2017
February 23, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTown_Council_Agenda_Feb._23_2017
March 23, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTown_Council_Agenda_March_23_2017
March 28, 20174:30pmSpecialCouncil ChambersSpecial_Town_Council_Meeting_3282017
April 27, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTown Council Agenda_April 27_2017
May 11, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTentative Agenda Town Council Meeting 5112017
May 25, 20174:00pmExecutive SessionTown Manager’s Office
May 25, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil Chambers Tentative Agenda Town Council Meeting 05252017
June 1, 20176:00pmExecutive SessionTown Manager’s Office  Regarding Economic Development
June 8, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTentative Agenda Town Council Meeting 06082017
June 15, 20174:30pmSpecialCouncil ChambersAgenda for 1st Public Hearing on Budget
June 22, 20174:30pmSpecialCouncil ChambersTENTATIVE AGENDA 06 22 2017 1ST PUBLIC HEARING-BUDGET MEETING and Regular Meeting (1)
June 27, 20174:30pmSpecialTown Manager’s OfficeTENTATIVE AGENDA 06 27 2017 SPECIAL MEETING
June 29, 20174:30pmSpecialCouncil ChambersSpecial Town Council Meeting
July 13, 20173:30pmExecutive SessionTown Manager’s Office
July 13, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTown Council Agenda 07132017
July 27, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTentative Agenda Town Council Meeting 7272017
August 8,20173:00pmSpecialCouncil ChambersTentative Agenda Spec Mtg 8 8 2017
August 10, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTentative Agenda Town Council Meeting 8102017
August 24, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersSalt Agreement Town and Hospital

Tentative Agenda 08 24 2017

September 14, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil ChambersTentative Agenda Version 1

Tentative Agenda 09 14 2017

 September 28, 2017 4:30pm Regular Council Chambers Tentative Agenda Town Council Meeting 9282017
October 12, 20173:30pmExecutive SessionTown Manager’s OfficeTentative Agenda 10 12 2017 Executive Session 
October, 12, 20174:30pmRegularCouncil Chambers Tentative Agenda Town Council Meeting 10122017

News & Events

Millinocket Marathon and Half registrations near 2,500. Runners continue to sign up for the 2017 marathon.

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Economic Development | The Town of Millinocket has launched its official Facebook page.

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Broadband planning and implementation continues in Millinocket and the Katahdin region.

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