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ATV Trails Now Open

NTC ATV Trails

Katahdin Region Multi-Use Trail

The Northern Timber Cruisers ATV and Snowmobile Club is pleased to announce that the Katahdin Region Multi-Use Trail (K.R.M.U.T.) is now open for ATV riding. After five years of planning and negotiations, this collaborative effort between the Northern Timber Cruisers, landowner Acadian Timberlands (formerly KFM), Katahdin area municipalities, Katahdin Area Chamber of Commerce and the State of Maine Department of Conservation, has resulted in a finely manicured 16.5 mile multi-use recreation trail.

Highlights of the trail include scenic views of Jo-Mary Mountain and Katahdin, a suspension bridge over the West Branch of the Penobscot River, mile markers with GPS coordinates, access to the State of Maine’s Seboeis Unit – Public Reserve Lands, access to other Mt. Bike and Cross Country Ski Trails, connectivity between Millinocket and the Brownville/Milo area ATV trails and the Northern Timber Cruisers Clubhouse and Antique Snowmobile Museum.A map is available for viewing and printing at this link.

If trailering to the Katahdin Area to access the trail, please unload at the only designated trailhead, located at the Northern Timber Cruisers Clubhouse on Outer Bates Street just outside of town on the State Road to Baxter State Park. NO PARKING IS PERMISSIBLE ON THE GOLDEN ROAD, PER ORDER OF THE LANDOWNER – ACADIAN TIMBER.

Do you need gasoline? Are you hungry? Are you looking for a place to spend the night? Riders can access Millinocket’s Downtown Connector Trail at the trail junction between the Golden Rd. Crossing and trail mile marker # 2. OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS. SPEED LIMIT 10 MPH. RIDE ON THE RIGHT.

Riders may encounter Mt. Bikers and other pedestrian traffic on the trail, so please keep your eyes pealed and look out for each other and don’t forget to Tread Lightly! Also, it is hunting season and Acadian Timber’s lands are open to hunting, so we encourage ALL trail users to please wear blaze orange while afield. Let’s be safe out there and enjoy the ride!

PLEASE REMEMBER THE TRAIL HEAD IS AT THE TIMBER CRUISERS CLUBHOUSE….the landowner wants to stay away from everyone parking all over the place especially along the Golden Road and Arthur Yorks wood lot at then entrance of the Golden Road!

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