Millinocket Town Office
197 Penobscot Ave,
Millinocket, Maine 04462
Phone: (207) 723-7000
Fax: (207) 723-7002


Millinocket is a hardy community on the edge of Maine’s vast wood basket. On a crisp fall Friday night you will run into everyone you know and then some at a Stearns Minutemen football game. Millinocket is a community where people will stop to let you cross the road, even if you aren’t in a crosswalk. People smile and say hello at the store and on the street.

We have a safe community to raise our children in and we invest in our schools. We work hard. Our residents are proud to be from Millinocket, with good reason. This community pride stays with us no matter where we go in life.  We support our local businesses and we always rally to help a neighbor in need. That’s just how we do it up here. We are blessed to have Mt. Katahdin as our backdrop and to be surrounded by amazing natural beauty. All four seasons are breathtaking here. If you enjoy hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, swimming and exploring the wilderness, then Millinocket could be the town of your dreams. We are a community with a big past and a big future. Come up and see for yourself why Millinocket is Maine’s Biggest Small Town.

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Millinocket’s rich past