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Comprehensive Plan

The Tri-Town area Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Medway are working on the Katahdin Region’s Comprehensive Plan. This is the first time a multi-jurisdictional plan between the 3 towns will be written. Each town has their own existing Comprehensive Plan now, each town will update their plan and also parts of the plan where it pertains to all three towns.

Each town will have it’s own public meetings to discuss the chapters and information relevant to their respective communities. Each public meeting will also include a discussion of the sections that pertain to all 3 communities as one narrative. The updates to each section of the plan are going to take place in phases.

The following chapters have been revised for Phase 1. The highlighted sections are the revisions for the Town of Millinocket. The Town Council and Vicki Rusbult, the Director of Community Initiatives at Eastern Maine Development Corporation have been working on the edits and updates. The following are DRAFTS for the Public to review. If you would like to suggest edits, changes or add additional information, please come to the next public hearing, January 10th at 4:30 pm in the Council Chambers.

Katahdin Region Comprehensive Plan 2018 chapters 9, 10, 11 and 13 revised

Millinocket Revised Chapters 9 & 10 

Millinocket Revised Chapter 11

Nov 2018 Millinocket Revised Chapter 13 

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