Tax Assessor: Lorna Thompson
Telephone: (207) 723-7005
Hours: Thursdays 7:30 am- 3:30 pm

If you are a real estate professional inquiring about property information please contact us via email at

Representatives of the Millinocket Assessing Department will be conducting site visits to gather assessment information for our property records. The last time a town-wide review was done was in the early 1990s.

WHERE: Inspections will be done on a street by street basis.

WHEN: Starting mid-July, usually on Friday and Saturday.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Representatives will ask you a variety of questions, take pictures of the buildings and take any necessary measurements.

The Assessor is responsible for establishing equalized value for all Real and Personal Property located within the Town of Millinocket.

RE Commitment Bk 4-1-23 FY24
RE Commitment Bk 4-1-2022 FY23 
RE Commitment Bk 4-1-2021 FY22
RE Commitment Bk 4-1-2020 FY21

PP Commitment BK 4-1-23 FY24
PP Commitment BK 4-1-2022 FY23
PP Commitment Bk 4-1-2021 FY22
PP Commitment Bk 4-1-2020 FY21

Real Estate Commitment Book FY 2020
Personal Property Commitment Book FY 2020

Fiscal Year 2019 Commitment Book
Fiscal Year 2018 Commitment Book
Fiscal Year 2017 Commitment Book

Town of Millinocket Tax Maps

Tax Map Index

Street Listing 4-1-23
Street Listing 4-1-2022
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Map Lot Listing 4-1-23
Map Lot Listing 4-1-2022
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Rural Tax Maps

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Urban Tax Maps

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Maine law provides that property tax exemptions must be submitted by April 1st:

Application for Maine Homestead Property Tax Exemption

Application for Maine Veteran Property Tax Exemption

Personal Property Declaration Documents

The Property Tax Division of MRS has created a new online lookup service that allows the public to search for Maine real estate sales as far back as 2006. Those records are accessible by the public and can be found here-  Real Estate Transfer Tax Declaration online lookup system

Click Here for April 1, 2023 Valuation Adjustment Information
CLICK HERE FOR April 1, 2022 Valuation Adjustment Information


The LD 290 “Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens” program, enacted in August 2022 was repealed by the Maine Legislature on July 6, 2023. This popular program had allowed Maine seniors 65 and older who owned a permanent residence for at least 10 years and were receiving (or eligible for) a homestead exemption, to freeze taxes at the previous year’s level regardless of income.

The repeal of this program means there will be no reapplication process and no need to follow-up with the Assessing Department in August, as previously thought. Although the program has been repealed, your application that was filed in 2022 will still be administered this year for the upcoming 2023 Tax Commitment. As a result, for this year’s upcoming bill, approved applicants will only be responsible for the “frozen” property tax bill amount this amount will be equal to the tax amount the owner was billed last year, unless their new billed amount would be lower, in which case they’d owe the lower of the two amounts. Per the law, the State will reimburse the Town for 100% of the difference between actual and frozen taxes.

It is important to note that these are State programs and while the Town plays a role in the administration of them, the Town is not responsible for the policy objectives of these initiatives. Any questions or concerns owners have regarding this program should be directed to your legislative representative. To find your representative, please visit: 


To help lower-income seniors avoid higher property taxes and remain in their homes, two existing State programs are being expanded:

  1. The Property Tax Fairness Credit, which currently allows eligible Mainers to take a $1,500 credit, has increased to $2,000; it also loosens limits on the program in a way that allows the benefits to remain constant for a Mainer whose spouse passes away. Note: This program is not administered by the Town; to claim the credit, you must file Form 1040ME and Schedule PTFC/STFC for the tax year during which the property tax or rent was paid. For help, call 207-624-9784. For more info, visit: 
  1. The State Property Tax Deferral Program, a lifeline loan program that covers the annual property tax bills of Maine seniors age 65 and older who cannot afford to pay them on their own, has been expanded. It doubles the income limit on that program to $80,000 and also raises asset limits. Taxes must be paid back when the home is sold or becomes part of an estate. Note: This program is administered by the State; however, applications must be filed with the Assessor’s Office between January 1 and April 1 each year. Applications are forwarded to Maine Revenue Services who review and make the determination for acceptance and approval. Questions can be referred to Maine Revenue Services, Property Tax Division, at 207-624-5600 or . For more info, visit:

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