The Town of Millinocket was incorporated March 16, 1901.

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Millinocket Compliment and Complaint Form

Hard Copy Available at the Town Office OR Residents Can Phone and Give Information by Having Staff Fill out for them (207) 723-7000. A compliment is factual and given when a resident has received good or excellent service from staff or Councilors. A Complaint is based on facts or unacceptable or poor service. A Concern is an opinion, suggestion, or claim that cannot be researched, though important to know. The purpose is to see how the Town and Council are doing with residents (our customers) and how we can improve our departments, Council, and management.

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  • Your compliment or complaint will go to the Town Manager for review and research. In this process, the department lead is briefed on the issue. If you list your email (preferred), phone or address, you can hear back. We appreciate your participation in government.

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